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3.0 - Changed the guide slightly to include other rare weapons, and added the Excalibur and Zodiac Estucheon. They will be substantial items for nearly the entirety of the game, if you get them as early as this guide suggests. Press Start exactly where you are and reload your game. It can be quite a hassle to have all this Fleeing to do. take off a piece and stick it over your R2 button on the controller, so its taped down.

Added to some existing sections, wrote the Deathbringer Elsewhere section. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I ..... Following this row all the way to the right, you'll find Swords 6 as the second to last License box (the very last is, obviously, Swords 7). It sells for 8000 Gil, so even if you dont want to use them, you can get a bunch to sell. If hes not there this time, dont worry: as mentioned before, his position is random.

Getting Deathbringers isnt THAT laborious of a process.

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